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Live video: Aubameyang held ‘hostage’ without his passport at Gambia airport with less than 10 hours to prepare for Gabon clash



PIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYANG claimed he was held ‘hostage’ without his passport at Gambia airport throughout the night.

The Arsenal star, 31, called for changes to be made after the Gabon squad were left with less than 10 hours to prepare for their Africa Cup of Nations qualifier after the hold up.

Gabon's squad had to wait around for six hours until they were let into the country

The Gabon squad had to sit around at the airport all night as they waited for permission to enter Gambia.

Aubameyang documented the nightmare ordeal with his 10 million followers on Instagram.

His first post, at 2:31am, read: “Since 11:30pm. Still waiting to enter Gambia. And we play tomorrow 4pm. Nice.”

Some of Gabon’s players tried to sleep on the floor on makeshift beds, but the Gunners forward appeared to be up all night.

His next snap, posted at 2:55am, had the caption: “They will not discourage us.”

At 3:15am, he wrote: “Sounds like we gonna have a short night.”

The nightmare continued as his post at 4:37am read: “Don’t think we’re in. Still at the airport.”

He furiously tweeted: “@CAF_Online just want to know why Gambia keep our passports for hours and they keep us at the airport are we hostage or what?

“Are you gonna close your eyes? Want to see the Next Episode of this Film.”

Some of Gabon's players decided to sleep on the floor in the airport
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