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Lyon President makes a sly dig at Arsenal over Houssem Aouar, How can Arsenal fans be so positive while Kroenke is still our owner?



Lyon president Jean Michel Aulas is a man that is no stranger to aiming digs at individuals and teams, Arsenal has become his latest victim.

The 71-year-old has watched as Arsenal has been persistently linked with a move for Houssem Aouar this summer and he has an idea about why the Gunners haven’t gotten the deal over the line.

Aouar has emerged as Arsenal’s top midfield target in this transfer window and as the Gunners continue to do business, he might become an Arsenal player before the transfer window closes.

But Aulas was asked if he thought Arsenal could complete the move for the 22-year-old, with Arsenal yet to table an official bid.

He said that he didn’t think the Gunners were willing or capable of paying the fee it will cost them to buy the Frenchman.

Asked if Arsenal are likely to agree a deal for Aouar, Aulas told journalist Chris Wheatley: ‘No I don’t think so.

‘No offer yet. It seems that Arsenal don’t want to – or can’t – invest the price for Houssem, who is our best player.’

Arsenal is also linked with a move for Thomas Partey, it remains unclear who they will eventually sign.

How can Arsenal fans be so positive while Kroenke is still our owner?

My style of writing is to take relevant topics or rumours regarding Arsenal and give my thoughts. My one rule is I don’t engage with anyone who is personally disrespectful. I was taught that anyone who resorts to that is losing the argument.

So let me stress, I have zero problem recently with some readers commenting on me being ‘negative’.
I am writing this to save myself repeating myself daily in the comments but also, I would hate for anyone to think that I am deliberately trying to put a downer on things. If you are a Gooner who is positive at the moment and is looking forward to this season, then good on you. I have zero right to take that away from you, nor am I trying to.

To keep everyone happy, I could write that our club is the best in the world, we are going to win the Premiership and predict every week we will 3-0. That would guarantee me a certain amount of views and anyone reading would walk away quite happy. After all we love The Arsenal, so naturally we love to hear great things being said about what we adore.

There is also zero evidence that supports the idea that being positive makes you anymore committed or has any bearing on a result (yes that was suggested).

The problem I have Is I don’t see being called negative as an insult. Because …. I am negative.
Guess what? I think I should be. I think our fanbase should be. Or at the very least …. worried.
Again, my choice of writing is opinion pieces. So you take an issue and you can only be positive or negative, there is no in-between.

How can I be positive finishing 8th? How can I be positive finishing 43 points behind the Champions? How can I say everything is fine when we finish in our worst position in 25 years?

Whether it’s your family, your friends or any passions, you want the very best for them. You don’t accept mediocrity. If your best mate was married but being mistreated by their spouse, are you negative for wanting the best for them?

It’s been 16 years since we won the Prem. In the last campaign we were getting further away from winning it, not closer.

As I write this, City, Man United, Chelsea, Everton, Leeds and others have spent more than us. I guess the Pandemic only affects us. So when I read I’m negative I simply think, ‘why are you not as well?’

Long term readers such as Sue, Ken, Jon Fox, etc will testify that back in the days of people screaming ‘Arsene Out’ I defended Mr Wenger and was very positive about ‘only finishing 4th and winning the odd FA Cup.’

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